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American Legion Legacy Scholarship

As an unfortunate consequence of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Americaís war on terror, many children of our active-duty military personnel are now members of single-parent families. In most cases, this also means their chances to attend college have greatly diminished. Children of military personnel killed on active duty are entitled to receive money toward a college education. But itís not enough.

We are raising funds to ensure that higher education will be a reality for these families. Providing for the children our military personnel left behind is our civic duty. An education is a powerful way to show our thanks. That is why we have established the American Legion Legacy Scholarship Fund. But we need your help.


The American Legion Legacy Scholarship Fund was created to help ensure children who have lost a parent at war receive the education they need and deserve. The Legion Riders are among the fund's biggest donators, creating the annual Legacy Run in 2006. To date, almost $3 million has been contributed to the Legacy Fund. Of that, almost $1 million has come from the Legion Riders' Legacy Runs. The overall goal is to raise $20 million, to sustain the fund and fill the needs of those children. Thanks in part to the Legion Riders, the Legion has made a great start but still has a long way to go.




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